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Mediation Plus

Sometimes disputes between employees can be deeply ingrained or have been persistent over a long period of time. The investment requirement to resolve such cases goes beyond the usual one-day mediation.

For these tricky, relentless or recurring conflicts STILLHR offers a ‘Mediation Plus’ intervention – this includes up to three individual workplace support sessions for each individual followed by the traditional one-day mediation session. Using this approach, the individuals become ‘mediation-ready’ so the resolutions and voluntary agreements sought are more likely to be reached and, when created, be longer lasting.Mediation Plus - STILLHR

Mediation Plus is particularly appropriate for key ‘mission critical’ staff who are more vital to the organisation’s continued success and, consequently, require more investment to ensure their continued maximum effectiveness, to continue delivering their optimum for their employer.

STILLHR is registered with the Civil Mediation Council as a Mediation Provider.

Liz Katis is a UKCP registered psychotherapist with 25 years’ experience in the NHS and the workplace.

STILLHR has discreetly provided its ‘Mediation Plus service to a wide variety of organisations.

Mediation Plus - STILLHR

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