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Organisational Consultancy

Organisational Consultancy - STILLHROur consultants analyse the root cause of problems in a work team or the wider organisation and then propose, develop and help implement solutions. Our Consultancy Service seeks to understand group dynamics and cultures within a framework that brings clarity, direction and cost-effective focus to the solution to the problem and to the organisation. Importantly, this is all done in an objective way to ensure an unbiased and effective response.

STILLHR provides a range of workplace psychological services (including mediation, coaching and interactive workshops) that promote organisational effectiveness and provide a response to organisational difficulties.

It is not always easy for organisations to decide which of these interventions would be the most suitable response to a problem and, in some instances, more than one of these interventions might be needed.

STILLHR has developed a comprehensive process of assessment of the problem, analysis and recommendation. At every point agreement is sought with the referrer about the level of intervention and possible costs.

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Karen Lodge, HR Manager, Adepta

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