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Mediation & Teams

Mediation is used as a way to resolve broken workplace relationships.

Mediation & Teams - STILLHRFacilitated by an impartial mediator, mediation assists individuals or teams in conflict to resolve their disputes by moving toward practical solutions and agreements created and owned by the disputing parties.

Confidential to the disputants, mediation empowers individuals in dispute to create their own solutions to resolve their conflict. Successful outcomes are commitments going forward, written in the form of Agreements or Team Pledges, made voluntarily and signed by all parties.

Weighed against the ongoing costs of difficult and unproductive relationships at work, the possibility of formal procedures or worse still employment tribunals, workplace mediation is efficient and cost effective.


As a CMC Registered Mediation Provider we provide a complaints procedure. 
Click the link to download: Complaints Procedure PDF

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