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Team Issues

The team dynamic is usually built on a complex relationship of give and take. Working in teams can be some of the most frustrating or rewarding experiences we’ll ever encounter. 

An effective well-oiled team is worth its weight in gold. So, what can be done when things start to fall apart in a previously high-performing team? How can one get the team back to its previous high performance?

STILLHR provides unsurpassed facilitation and mediation services to teams who are in conflict, seeking consensus or looking to build solutions to challenges they face. The ultimate aim is to revitalise all members of the team.

We listen to the needs of all concerned to create the most appropriate intervention.

Robert Still - STILLHR
Robert Still
Paula Symons

STILLHR is registered with the Civil Mediation Council as a Mediation Provider, and Robert Still is an Accredited Team Mediator.

The process

Our team mediation and facilitation processes offer organisations a constructive way to resolve team or group disputes. STILLHR uses a systematic process engaging all parties:

  1. Confidential individual meetings with each team member
  2. Based on the individual meetings we may recommend:
  • joint mediations between individuals where working relationships are particularly fractured
  • facilitated session with a pre-agreed programme
  • mediated session with all team members where issues are raised on the day and then worked through in a positive and collaborative way using proven effective techniques
Team Mediation
Team Issues - STILLHR

Mediation resolves conflict within teams. A non-judgemental, safe and constructive environment is created for everyone. Within this environment everyone can communicate and negotiate in an honest and open way with each other. Mediation recognises emotional and personal needs and reaches a future-focused resolution acceptable to all parties.

Team mediation allows both collective and individual causes of conflict to be identified. The methods of finding resolution might start with telephoning or meeting with individuals, or a confidential questionnaire; specific mediation between individuals and/or a whole team event. Outputs might include both Voluntary Agreements between individuals and/or an agreed Team Pledge.

Team facilitation

Facilitation derives from the verb facilitate: to make easy or easier. The latin facilis can be translated as do-able. At STILLHR it’s about making conversation easier within teams to bring about insight, consensus, decision and action. It’s about making it easy to translate aspirations and ideas into sustainable and effective actions that benefit individuals, the team and the organisation.

We work with teams to help them have a conversation, come to agreement, or plan for the future. In general, we act as a trusted and neutral outside voice, making decisions about the process the team goes through and also allowing the team to focus on and control the content of the discussion. We are a guide, making it easier for the team to have that discussion, and move on.

Our work with teams

STILLHR has worked with a wide variety of work based teams across the UK including:

  • a student support team in a London higher education college
  • management and staff sides in a NE National Health Trust
  • union officials of a regional branch in the East Midlands
  • a team of resettlement workers in the refugee sector
  • the board of a unique charity working with prisoners
  • recruitment team within a national museum
  • the staff council within a leading university
Our clients
Team Issues - STILLHR
Eleanor Palmer Trust Maldon District Council
Littlewick Medical Centre Royal Devon & Exeter
Whittington Moor Surgery City & Islington College

“All staff engaged in creating a Team Pledge for the Parks section.”

Parks Team Leader

“A gentle hand on the tiller.”

Peter Honey, Author and Occupational Psychologist


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